60 Second Salad Maker

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60 Second Salad Maker

The design of the 60 Second Salad Maker is simple, yet practical. You can wash your vegetables and fruit together in the bowl and even use it as a strainer. Then all you do is place the salad maker on a countertop, pedestal or cutting board and just cut away using the handy slots that are built into the product. All you have to do after that is spin the cutting edge around and cross-cut everything one more time. Then pop open the lid and you’ve got yourself a pre-cut salad perfect for throwing across the kitchen or for digging into with a fork after you dump it all into a bowl and add salad dressing.

Quick Salad Cutter Bowl

They didn’t call it the 60 Second Salad Maker because it’s complicated. They gave it that name because it takes little time to prep yourself a fast and nutritious meal.  Even if you don’t like salad, you’re probably going to like making one with this tool because you get to hold a sharp object in one hand.

Not sure what to get her for lunch today at the office? Why not impress her with your cutting skills by slicing up a special salad with this neat little gadget. By the way, it’s also easy to clean because – let’s be honest here – some of us are sort of messy in the kitchen and we don’t want that to show up on our report card! No more mess, no more stress! Never dirty a cutting board again!

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