Animal Paw Socks

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Animal Paw Socks

If you ended up getting another ugly sweater for Christmas, we apologize. Once your family gets a look at these realistic Animal Paw Socks, you’ll never see another sweater wrapped in a box for you on any future celebration or gift-giving occasion. That’s because this crazy product will render any other piece of wardrobe incomplete and far down the scale of acceptability when compared side-by-side. What makes these paw crew socks so freakin’ awesome? Let’s look and see.

Feline Feet Socks

First, they turn your feet into paws. Like, who wouldn’t want to be able to do that every now and then? Seriously, think about it! Some animals are more sure-footed than you or me, so if you could get away with having paws for feet, wouldn’t that be pretty cool? Second, there’s a whole lot of different models to choose from, which means you can have different animal paws each day of the week making for a ton of fun for you and anyone around you.

Animal Paw Crew Socks

Made from an easy to wear polyester fabric, with just the right amount of stretch, these socks are soft and comfy and as an added bonus, you can machine wash them without fear. Did we mention that they are a one-size-fits-all variety? That means you can get them on and will stretch to fit even if you have feet that are in the range of size 13, men’s. It’s a fact!

Animal Paw Print Crew Socks

So the main question left to answer is: why would you buy a pair of these in the first place? Well, they are cute, interesting and comfortable. They can be part of a costume where everyone dresses up like their favorite animal. They also work well as a gift for that one person you know who is a wildlife lover but has pretty much everything one could have that is animal related, except a pair of these realistic Animal Paw Socks. That’ll impress them to no end for sure.

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