Animal Ski Masks

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Animal Ski Masks

Answer the call of the wild with one of these unique and realistic looking Animal Ski Masks. Not only are they incredibly life-like, they also function well as cold weather apparel. The print on the outer surface looks like a lion, bear or one of several other commonly viewed outdoor wild animals. The HD renditions will cause most anyone who sees you wearing one to do a double take to make sure they actually saw what they thought they saw. These are really scary.

Red Panda Ski Mask

Designed in a one size fits most model, in adult and junior sizes, you will be able to outfit your whole family with these Ultra-Realistic Animal Ski Masks. As we’ve said, they also serve a practical purpose as well. Each of these unique animal masks is made from element-repelling polyester flex material. This means they will keep your head, face and neck protected from the cold and harsh weather you’ll want to wear these in. They also come with other great features.

Lion Ski Mask

These realistic looking wild animal ski masks have been anti-microbial treated which is a fancy way of saying that they will stay clean. Oh, and they won’t stink from your sweat or anything in your hair. The soft fleece inner lining will make them comfortable, will regulate your temperature and provide UV and wind protection. Plus, any one of these HD printed ski masks will scare anyone the first time they see one on you. Time to take a walk on the wild side!

Happy Cat Ski Mask

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