Animated Monster Hand In Bowl

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Animated Monster Hand In Bowl

Don’t you just hate it when someone sneaks around behind your back in an effort to steal some of your candy? Well, all you need to do now is store your candy – or whatever your chosen treat is that attracts so much attention – in this Animated Monster Hand In Bowl. When we say it is protected, it has an interesting hidden feature that will not only deter thieves but it should also give them a rather good scare. A scared candy thief is one that will think twice before trying this again.

Animated Monster Hand In Bowl

The whole idea is to keep unwanted hands away from your candy. This Halloween candy bowl works quite simply. Whenever a hand or object gets close enough to the animated monster hand, it is activated by a motion detector and it slaps away the hand of the intruder. This is not only a good way to protect your Halloween candy, it works on all types of sweets, chocolate and much more.

Moving Monster Hand

If you have a lot of people in your home, office or life in general who have sticky fingers and are not afraid to try to snag some seemingly unprotected candy, you need this dish. It is attractive enough to use year ‘round although the animated monster hand is best suited for the season leading up to and including Halloween. Otherwise, your sweet treats will never go missing ever again when you have them guarded with this Animated Monster Hand In Bowl.

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