Anti-Gravity Air Purifier

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Anti-Gravity Air Purifier

If you’ve been looking for a stunning air purifier that uses negative ions with water drop backflow, then this is what you’re after. It’s an Anti-Gravity Air Purifier and it will quietly and effectively eliminate air pollution in your living space. Sure, you may not see any of it floating around in your rec room, but trust us when we say you are surrounded by microscopic particles that can be harmful to your health as they can get deep within your lungs and make you sick.

Anti-Gravity Water Droplet Air Purifier

Your best defense is an air purification system and this Anti-Gravity Water Droplet Air Purifier will do the job while you are enjoying whatever you normally do during a regular day in the house. The unit has a submerged pump with a copper motor and this keeps it running quietly. As the air droplets are released, so are the negative ions which attach themselves to the tiny particles floating in your breathing space. The result is complete air purification without the hassle.

Anti-Gravity Air Purifier

The impressive part about this air purifier is that the water drops inside it appear to levitate upwards, but in fact, this is just an optical illusion. The aluminum and glass construction gives this a classy and contemporary look so that it will fit in most any décor. Not only will you be cleaning the air with this item, it will also become a great conversation starter when you host company!

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