Ballistic Dart Launcher

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Ballistic Dart Launcher

If you want to have an epic time, then you need a ballistic dart launcher. But, first things first, you should be warned that this thing is definitely not a toy. This ballistic dart gun packs a punch and is super accurate from a 20ft distances. However, it is more than capable of handling 30 feet distances with ease. You will want this if you want to compete with your friends to see who is the sharpest shooter. If you buy two or more, then you can have a competition with family and friends.

Ballistic Dart Gun

Within the package, you receive 6 darts included. The solid stainless construction is another added bonus. If you are a fan of kung-fu, then this amazing launcher will remind you of classic throwing knives. As well as for entertainment, the ballistic dart gun can be used effectively for self-defense purposes. Just be warned beforehand that it has power which can cause significant damage.

Tactical Dart Launcher

It is not only weapons professionals who can enjoy this ballistic dart launcher. Even novices and those with poor handling skills can utilize this with ease. The intuitive quick release buttons are very easy to handle. It is also fairly small in size which means that you can keep it in your bag as a self-defense tool. This makes a great gift for anyone looking for a way to protect themselves or for those looking to test out their combat skills on each other. This is not simply a toy, it is the real thing, and it packs quite the punch.

Dart Gun

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