Balloon Pin House

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Balloon Pin House

Maybe this has happened to you. You suddenly decide for no particular reason that you need a pin to either pin up a poster or to drop one in a travel map. It would be a whole lot easier to do this and many other pin-related activities if you had some sort of way to store them so they could be handy whenever you needed one. Well, the Balloon Pin House is your answer. It is a handmade item created from birch plywood, cork, plastic, steel and brass.

The UP movie pin holder

What makes this such an attractive way to store pins for ready access is that the pin holder looks like a miniature house. With a number of multi-colored pins attached, the visual created makes the tiny house look as if it could float away from what appears to be many balloons. Naturally, the balloons are actually pinheads but the grouping of them on this innovative storages container makes collecting pins fun and keeps them where you want them so you can access them.

Up House Pin Cushion

The Balloon House Pin Holder measures 10-centimeters in height, is 5-centimetres wide and 5-centimeters deep before you start to add the pins. This holder will keep up to 300 individual pins in place. The wooden stand that is made to look like a tiny house can sit on any flat surface or you can mount it on a wall or notice board with a single screw. Talk about having a sharp idea within reach of a bulletin board or wall hanging. This is the one pin holder you’ll need today!

Balloon House Pin Holder

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