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Banana Slicer

Just the other day we were lamenting the fact that our lives could use a little more banana in them. Naturally, we were talking more in the line of bananas and drinking such as daiquiris and other foo-foo girly drinks that taste pretty good but you would never catch any of us. guys. actually ordering at a bar. In fact, it would also be a stretch to try to convince our friend the female impersonator to order one of those kinds of drinks so that all of us could sample it in the booth in the back corner, far and away from most everyone else in the bar. But back to the whole idea about getting more bananas into our daily – or weekly – diet.

Easy Banana Slicer

We saw this banana slicer gadget and thought: hmmm! Why not? The design is pretty simple. You basically cradle your banana inside this slicer and hack away at it. Well, slice is more accurate a word than hack but if we’re going to try to attract guys to this product we sometimes have to use words they understand better. Hack is one of those words. Oh, and you don’t get to use a knife when doing it. You would want this gadget to slice up a banana for dropping onto a bowl of cereal and in a way, it makes eating bananas fun. That’s especially if you are not a huge fan of the upside-down hanging fruit in the first place.

Banana Slicer Gadget

As for the practical reasons, the easy banana slicer is made of plastic. Before you run away screaming, because it is made from plastic, it is easy to clean. Just wipe it in a sink of soapy water or dump it into your dishwasher. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to slice any banana with a single motion as you plunge the slicer through an innocent, unsuspecting fruit. If you are lucky, you may be able to use this on other soft fruits but it is specifically designed for that crazy, elongated yellow one that makes everyone go bananas for when they are in season!

Funny Banana Slicer

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