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Boomf Bomb

The Boomf Bomb is an exploding confetti card. Built using the general principles of origami combined with a little paper cutting, the Boomf Bomb is a cube that can be folded flat and compressed into a cardboard sleeve, along with a layer of confetti. When the sleeve is opened, the Bomb pops out in a spray of confetti or other small paper cutouts.

Exploding Confetti Card

Your Bomb doesn’t have to be plain. You can decorate all sides of the cube with sayings, pictures or even clues that could lead to a gift. You can use the Boomf Bomb as a gift all on its own, or you can use it as the tag for a larger gift, just as you might any decorative card. Add excitement to a wedding or baby shower, liven up the day of a senior, or enchant your favorite person with something a little bit different. Because each one can be personalized, no two will be the same.

Boomf Bomb

With so many amazing choices of ways to use the exploding confetti card, you won’t ever have to send “just a card” again. You can send exploding or flying packages of fun that will become keepsakes. The cubes can be attached to a Christmas tree pendant hanger and attached to a holiday tree or a garland string. They can be placed on a desk or tucked into a keepsake box with other memorabilia for the occasion. No matter how you use them, these little cards will simply “explode” with good fun and humor.

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