Bottle Cap Launcher

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Bottle Cap Launcher

If you’ve ever wanted to make a game out of removing bottle caps from a drink, now you can. This Bottle Cap Launcher does just as you would imagine from the way we’ve built it up to this point. It’s actually two things in one – a bottle cap opener combined with a bottle cap gun. It’s the best thing to happen since the 2-in-1 Spatula and Tongs combo. We couldn’t ask for more – a toy that opens your drinks with ease. Which, by the way, is sort of the important part. That’s the functional end of the equation.

Cap Zappa Bottle Opener

The tool actually opens bottles and does so with virtually no effort, but then packs that energy into storage for when you want to switch it up a little and use the shooter part. It’s awesome. It’s a little bit dangerous and it’s a whole lot more fun than just having an opener that does nothing much more than removing caps like you would expect it to do.

Bottle Cap Launcher

So here’s the scientific data on this thing. The Bottle Cap Launcher measures roughly 6.5 by 1 inch. It doesn’t sound like much but it is slightly more impressive when you actually get one in your hand and can hold it. This is the tool you use to remove your beer caps. It also has a secret weapon where it will launch – and there really is no better word to describe it – that very same bottle cap for a distance of up to 16 feet or so, making it a really interesting little gadget.

Cap Zappa Beer Bottle Opener

So you can see that not only is this a unique and highly useful opening gadget, it can fire a tiny piece of metal across the room, over a hedge, into an intersection, deep within First Class, over the diving board and off the side of a building with relatively little effort. It’s pretty startling and it makes an equally cool gift for someone who needs to do something better with their time at the next barbecue or block party. It’s gonna win them some special friends.

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