Broom with Built-in Vacuum

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Broom with Built-In Vacuum

What if you could cut your cleaning time in half? Now you can with the VaBroom! Gone are the days of spending time sweeping and then bending over with a dustpan to clean up all the debris. This broom with a built-in vacuum lets you suck up dirt immediately after sweeping. It has a pressure-activated nozzle that switches on as you press it against the floor. Simply sweep all the floor’s dirt into a small pile and then vacuum it right up!


How does it work? When you press the broom’s nozzle against the floor, the VaBroom sucks up the debris into the chamber inside. This “smart broom” kitchen gadget has a 14,000 RPM quiet motor and capacity to clean up and store 1 full cup of debris. It also has heavy duty broom bristles and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery or AA battery pack.

Smart Broom

If you have a family that loves to make messes, then VaBroom is a necessary cleaning tool. This broom with a built-in vacuum will save you so much time and hassle. With its efficient design, you can basically throw away your dustpans forever. Plus, you can kiss goodbye those little lines of dust that are always left behind by a dustpan. Your floors will thank you!

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