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Bucket List 1

We all have a bucket list of things we want to do before we, well, “kick the bucket.” Places we want to see, adventures we want to have, or countries we would like to visit. These bucket list scratch off posters from Gift Republic are the perfect way to brainstorm your bucket list ideas and start getting shit done. The series of 23” x 16-1/2” bucket list scratch off posters each contain 100 silver-covered boxes that you can scratch off once you’ve completed an item.

Bucket List 2

The 100 movies bucket list scratch off poster inspires you to dive into movies like “The Shining” “Four Weddings and a Funeral” (that’s a good one) and “The Usual Suspects.” If you’re more into books, the 100 books bucket list scratch off poster will get you motivated to read books like “Crime and Punishment” “Ulysses” (too long, no thank you) and “A Brief History of Time.” That’s a lot of reading!

Bucket List 3

Whether it’s an album, book list, or TV show, these bucket list scratch off posters make a great gift for the over-achiever in your life. They’re a visual way to see how you’re making progress toward your bucket list goals. Personally, I love the travel bucket list scratch off poster which inspires me to hop on a plane and visit the world. (After this 2020 pandemic is over, of course) Which one is your favorite?

Bucket List 4

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