Cap Gun Bottle Opener

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Cap Gun Bottle Opener

As if opening a drink wasn’t already enough fun, this unique and fascinating new tool makes it a tad on the mischievous side. It’s called a Cap Gun Bottle Opener and if you take a closer look at it, the design suggests it’s highly functional in both capacities—as a bottle opener, giving you access to a drink, and as a cap gun.

Firing Cap Gun

Imagine yourself either attending a social gathering or hosting one. The Firing Cap Gun will not only get you some added attention, it can serve as a very useful ice breaker in social settings where not everyone is acquainted. Just offer to pop open a few bottles for those nearby and then launch them with your awesome tool. The cap gun will send bottle caps distances up to 5-metres away. You’ll not only be the hit of the party, you’ll be the King.

Bottle Cap Shooting Bottle Opener

Aside from being a great way to get noticed at a party, there is a practical use for this Cap Gun Bottle Opener as well. It makes opening twist-off caps that much easier and won’t cut your hand if you happen to get a particularly difficult bottle to open. Plus, the product comes complete with a convenient key chain which ensures the bottle cap gun is handy at all times should you suddenly find yourself in a setting where bottles need opening and caps need firing!

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