Christmas Gifts

This just happens to be our most favorite ho-ho-holiday. That’s why we have stuffed our Christmas gift section with so many totally awesome gift giving ideas. You’ll never have to resort to giving someone an envelope of cash ever again during the holiday. Out gift list would even make Santa jealous! 🎄

  • Magination Magnets Toolset

    Magination Magnets Toolset

    We’re kind of attracted to magnets. In many ways, they are still a bit of a mystery to us and if you feel the same way, this Ma...

  • Hatching Dragon Candle

    Hatching Dragon Candle

    The hatching dragon candle looks just like a scaly dragon egg. As the candle burns, it reveals a cute little dragon. This is th...

    Via Firebox
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  • Snow Fort Building Set

    Snow Fort Building Set

    There are two ways to build a snow fort. You could just go ahead and work all day doing it the hard way or you could save a lot...

    Via Hammacher
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  • LED Stickman Costumes

    LED Stickman Costumes

    As if it wasn’t scary enough that these costumes are black, the LEDs that are built into them form the shape of a stickman. Not...

    Via GlowyZoey
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  • Colour Changing Unicorn Mug thumb

    Colour Changing Unicorn Mug

    Nothing brightens up an otherwise dull day like a visit from a happy little unicorn. Regardless of the time of day and where yo...

  • Self Cleaning Cat Box

    Self Cleaning Cat Box

    The Self Cleaning Cat Box is practically a cat litter robot designed to make cat ownership quite easy. It is a more upgraded ve...

  • App Controlled Christmas Lights

    App Controlled Christmas Lights

    If Christmas or the holidays just don’t feel the same as they used to, you can still capture some of that magic with these tiny...

  • Typewriter Inspired Keyboard

    Typewriter Inspired Keyboard

    Typewriters have been out of use for quite some time now and have been replaced by modern counterparts. However, the mechanical...

  • Hercules Tablet Stand

    Hercules Tablet Stand

    Give your hands and lap a rest for a change. Holding your tablet can be a tiring experience when you are focused on playing the...

    Via EatonLondon
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  • Butterfly Surprise Card

    Flying Butterfly Card

    There is no denying the fact that greeting cards are an essential item when it comes to holidays, anniversaries, birthday, and ...

  • Two Person Christmas Sweater

    Two Person Christmas Sweater

    If you thought one ugly sweater was bad enough, wait until you get a look at this Two Person Christmas Sweater. It’s not so muc...