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If you happen to be the guy (or maybe even the gal) who can’t function day-to-day without a gadget or two making things easier, fear not. This is your safe place. We’ve got more gadget and tech stuff than you probably already own and we can’t wait to share some of it with you. So, get comfortable and check out this stuff!

  • Hercules Tablet Stand

    Hercules Tablet Stand

    Give your hands and lap a rest for a change. Holding your tablet can be a tiring experience when you are focused on playing the...

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  • Golden Snitch Light

    Golden Snitch Light

    Now here is a unique way to light up your room or any space that requires illumination. The Golden Snitch light gives your spac...

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  • LED Charging Cable

    LED Charging Cable

    When you are charging your phone, wouldn’t it be cool if the charging cable you were using actually lit up? Well, with this inn...

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  • Rainbow Light Projector

    Rainbow Light Projector

    Everybody loves a rainbow and with this rainbow light projector you won’t have to wait until after a thunderstorm to see one. T...

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  • Anti-Gravity Air Purifier

    Anti-Gravity Air Purifier

    If you’ve been looking for a stunning air purifier that uses negative ions with water drop backflow, then this is what you’re a...

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  • Remote Control Cockroach

    Remote Control Cockroach

    It’s a mutant insect! Nope, it’s a remote control cockroach. Hey, even if your house has ‘em, why not embrace the little bugger...

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  • Foldable Keyboard

    Foldable Keyboard

    A Bluetooth keyboard can be a godsend when you want to type on any kind of device on the go. It can effortlessly pair with your...

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  • Gooseneck Lazy Mount

    Gooseneck Lazy Mount

    Have you ever wished you had a third hand to help with various projects? Well, with this Gooseneck Lazy Mount that wish will co...

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  • PlayDate’s Smart Ball

    PlayDate’s Smart Ball

    In a perfect world, you’d have all the time to play with your pooch every day of the week but unfortunately, this is hardly the...

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