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If you happen to be the guy (or maybe even the gal) who can’t function day-to-day without a gadget or two making things easier, fear not. This is your safe place. We’ve got more gadget and tech stuff than you probably already own and we can’t wait to share some of it with you. So, get comfortable and check out this stuff!

  • PlayDate’s Smart Ball

    PlayDate’s Smart Ball

    In a perfect world, you’d have all the time to play with your pooch every day of the week but unfortunately, this is hardly the...

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  • Moving Beer Pong Robot

    Moving Beer Pong Robot

    Anybody who’s spent time on a major college campus has had some sort of exposure to the widely popular game of beer pong. Wheth...

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  • Levitating Moon Lamp

    Levitating Moon Lamp

    Have you ever heard of the Man in the Moon? We often wondered what the purpose of the space race was back in the 1950s and 60s ...

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  • Magnetic Balance Lamp

    Magnetic Balance Lamp

    This is called Magnetic Balance Lamp for a good reason. That’s because it uses magnetic balls to create a balance and also func...

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  • Light Reflective Spray

    Light Reflective Spray

    Light reflective spray is perfect for people who walk, jog or bike at night. It can also be used for night-time only artworks, ...

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  • Laser Bike Lane

    Laser Bike Lane

    If you are a biker, you’ll appreciate this handy little gadget. We’re talking two-wheeled bicycle here. For your weekend explor...

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  • Beard Lights

    Beard Lights

    Have you ever wondered why Santa’s beard is so bright that it lights up wherever he happens to be? It sort of makes sense when ...

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