Gag Gifts

Nothing says you love someone more than a well-chosen gag gift. Well, that’s how it works in our household so we assume it’s got to be a bit on the universal side. With this in mind, we proudly present to you a wacky and crazy selection of some of the best gag gifts money can buy. You really must have some of this stuff!

  • Solar Powered Waving Queen

    Solar Powered Waving Queen

    This is a great gift or collectable for any Royal Watcher. If you are a fan of the Queen of England, this is the perfect souven...

  • Chocolate Buttholes

    Chocolate Buttholes

    If you have ever struggled with finding the one perfect gift for the person who has pretty much everything, then this is your a...

  • Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

    Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

    When someone says it’s time to crack open a cool beer, you’ll be ready when you have this Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener handy. Th...

  • Hyper Realistic Masks

    Hyper Realistic Masks

    These Hyper Realistic Masks are made from something called Hyperflesh - a special material that makes them look so freakin’ rea...

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  • Sweat Activated T-Shirt

    Sweat Activated T-Shirt

    Workout wear just isn’t like it used to be. Sure, there are high tech materials and flashy colors. We prefer the days when you ...

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  • Animated Monster Hand In Bowl

    Animated Monster Hand In Bowl

    Don’t you just hate it when someone sneaks around behind your back in an effort to steal some of your candy? Well, all you need...

  • Dangling Stress Relief Balls

    Dangling Stress Relief Balls

    Reach for these Dangling Stress Relief Balls whenever you feel a cramp coming on in your hand or to give your fingers a break. ...

  • The Dad Bag

    Dad’s Belly Bag

    What do you get the dad who has everything? How about a fanny pack? Sure, it’s functional as a handy way to carry things strapp...

  • Trump Toilet Brush

    Trump Toilet Brush

    That last thing you need after your morning constitutional is a clogged or dirty toilet bowl. It’s not only nasty, but it just ...

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  • The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

    The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

    Learning the alphabet is hard enough but when there are words in the English language that sound one way and are spelled anothe...