Gag Gifts

Nothing says you love someone more than a well-chosen gag gift. Well, that’s how it works in our household so we assume it’s got to be a bit on the universal side. With this in mind, we proudly present to you a wacky and crazy selection of some of the best gag gifts money can buy. You really must have some of this stuff!

  • Crawling Zombie Baby

    Crawling Zombie Baby

    Speaking of Halloween and creepy baby stuff, nothing gets the skin crawling on an unsuspecting person like this Crawling Zombie...

  • Willy Exerciser

    Willy Exerciser

    So, how exactly do you exercise your willy? This question is only for men. Think carefully before you answer as this is a produ...

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  • Flying Pig with Flapping Wings

    Flying Pig with Flapping Wings

    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a flying pig! Okay, maybe it’s not a real flying pig because – in case you didn’t know – th...

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  • Donald Trump Pen Holder

    Donald Trump Pen Holder

    Be sure the Donald Trump Pen Holder is the perfect gag gift for your unbearable Republican friend! Made of high-quality materia...

  • Bubble Butt Blower Toy

    Bubble Butt Blower Toy

    Who doesn’t like the sight of a man bent over with bubbles coming out of his butt? If this is one of those gags that makes you ...

  • Beard Bouquet

    Beard Bouquet

    There’s nothing that says you can’t dress up the average beard with a little bit of color. The Beard Bouquet actually takes tha...

  • Mini Golf Set Toilet Game

    Toilet Mini Golf

    Okay, this may come off as being a tad personal, but we have got to do it. Sometimes sitting on the toilet is a rather dull exe...

  • Sexy Unicorn Panties

    Sexy Unicorn Panties

    The Unicorn is a creature of legend. Every young girl has fantasized about seeing one, mounting it and riding into the forest b...

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  • Beard Christmas Ornaments

    Beard Christmas Ornaments

    They’re called Beardaments. That’s a combination of the words ‘beard’ and ‘ornaments’ which pretty much tells you what they are...

  • Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

    Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

    When someone says it’s time to crack open a cool beer, you’ll be ready when you have this Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener handy. Th...