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There are times when you have to get away from all the do-dads you have in and around your home and office. The best way to clear your mind of important stuff is to get into an intense game of fun. We’ve found some of the most interesting and addictive solutions and have stuffed them all into this category. Enjoy!

  • Butterfly Surprise Card

    Flying Butterfly Card

    There is no denying the fact that greeting cards are an essential item when it comes to holidays, anniversaries, birthday, and ...

  • Salt Firing Shotgun

    Salt Firing Shotgun

    Tired of using a fly swatter to get at bugs? So are we and that’s why we are so excited to share with you details about this am...

  • App Controlled Christmas Lights

    App Controlled Christmas Lights

    If Christmas or the holidays just don’t feel the same as they used to, you can still capture some of that magic with these tiny...

  • Magnetic Balls

    Magnetic Balls

    Magnets are pretty cool even when you aren’t using them for something useful or scientific. These magnetic balls make amazing b...

  • Nerf Rival Prometheus Gun

    Nerf Rival Prometheus Gun

    Sometimes you just have to blast your way through a crowded room. To play it on the safe side, and still get past the jumble of...

  • The best survival tools for all your outdoor needs

    Pocket Shot Slingshot

    Any idea what you would get if you were to combine a slingshot, bow and a fishing pole together? Oddly enough the end result of...

  • The Dad Bag

    Dad’s Belly Bag

    What do you get the dad who has everything? How about a fanny pack? Sure, it’s functional as a handy way to carry things strapp...

  • Spider Scare Box

    Spider Scare Box

    Imagine a tiny little box made of wood with a little knob on the top of it. When you pull at the knob with a finger, you are ab...

  • Magination Magnets Toolset

    Magination Magnets Toolset

    We’re kind of attracted to magnets. In many ways, they are still a bit of a mystery to us and if you feel the same way, this Ma...

  • Pocket Shot Arrow Slingshot

    Pocket Shot Arrow Slingshot

    Turn you target practice time into a real competition with the Pocket Shot Arrow Slingshot. In a word, it is deadly accurate. Y...

  • PlayDate’s Smart Ball

    PlayDate’s Smart Ball

    In a perfect world, you’d have all the time to play with your pooch every day of the week but unfortunately, this is hardly the...

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  • Crystal Engraved Pokeballs Charizard

    Crystal Engraved Pokeballs

    Gaze into the crystal ball to see an amazing sight. They are called glowing pokeballs for a reason. That’s because inside each ...