Geeky Stuff

In case you are in need of getting your inner geek on, we’ve got you covered. In this section you’ll find the stuff that would normally get you beat up in the playground if someone saw you with any of these items. Don’t worry, you can safely browse them and even buy them from the comfort of your home and we won’t tell anyone!

  • Yelling At A Cat Sweater

    Yelling At A Cat Sweater

    You’ve heard about ugly sweaters before. Well, this one borders somewhere between that and incredibly brilliant. It features a ...

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  • Pokemon Snorlax Slippers

    Pokemon Snorlax Slippers

    Everyone has a favorite Pokemon character and if yours happens to be that sleepy one known as Snorlax, you’ll be pleased to kno...

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  • Snorlax Sofa Set

    Snorlax Sofa Set

    It’s a sofa that resembles the sleepy Pokemon known as Snorlax. Probably why Snorlax has become such a popular Pokemon icon is ...

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  • Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

    Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

    We understand that your personal grooming needs and routine should remain strictly personal and private. However, if the chore ...

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  • Pisces Kinetic Art Lamp

    Pisces Kinetic Art Lamp

    It looks like a high-tech lamp and also as a science project. In fact, it happens to be both of those things. The Pisces Kineti...

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  • Smart Car Emoji Display

    Smart Car Emoji Display

    Do you ever wish you could let your feelings be known to the driver behind you without having to try to get their attention? Wi...

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  • Flamethrower Drone

    Flamethrower Drone

    Are you looking for a reliable and suitable flamethrower drone? If so, consider the TF-19 WASP. This flamethrower drone feature...

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  • Millennium Falcon Drone

    Millennium Falcon Drone

    The Millennium Falcon drone is an iconic spacecraft for Star Wars fans, comprising 27 inches long with four rotors. Unlike the ...

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