Geeky Stuff

Whether you want to buy geek stuff for yourself or gift it to your genius friend, we’ve got you covered. In this section, you’ll find great gifts from cool tech gadgets to science fiction fun, and bizarre oddities. The BEST list for geeky gift ideas.

  • Pixel Playing Cards

    Pixel Playing Cards

    Playing regular Poker is so last year. The pixel playing cards will take your Poker game to the next level. These unique playin...

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  • Lego Waffle Maker

    Lego Waffle Maker

    You’ve heard them say that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” Well now it’s the most fun meal of the day, too! ...

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  • Pokemon Bookmarks

    Pokemon Bookmarks

    Pokemon is an iconic franchise, and pretty much everyone can appreciate them. One unique gift that you can give to any fan of t...

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  • Snorlax Sofa Set

    Snorlax Sofa Set

    It’s a sofa that resembles the sleepy Pokemon known as Snorlax. Probably why Snorlax has become such a popular Pokemon icon is ...

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  • Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

    Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

    We understand that your personal grooming needs and routine should remain strictly personal and private. However, if the chore ...

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