Gifts for College Students

Whether you have a college student in your family or happen to know one in your life, these gifts are perfect for dorm life. Some are practical, others are well, just for fun. What they all have in common is that they are suitable as gifts for college students!

  • Magnetic Balance Lamp

    Magnetic Balance Lamp

    This is called Magnetic Balance Lamp for a good reason. That’s because it uses magnetic balls to create a balance and also func...

  • Magnetic Sand Hourglass

    Magnetic Sand Hourglass

    Fun and creative, this magnetic sand hourglass timer is actually just a novelty item and can not be used for timing. Instead, c...

  • LightWedge Reading Light

    LightWedge Reading Light

    Everyone needs a handy little reading light every so often. This LightWedge Reading Light is quite unlike any other one you hav...

  • Personalized Face Luggage

    Personalized Face Luggage

    With Personalized Face Luggage you will never have a dispute at the airline terminal about whose luggage is whose. You’ll never...

  • 60 Second Salad Maker

    60 Second Salad Maker

    The design of the 60 Second Salad Maker is simple, yet practical. You can wash your vegetables and fruit together in the bowl a...

  • Infinity Gauntlet Lamp

    Infinity Gauntlet Lamp

    Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel as if you can take over the world and nothing will stand in your way? We get that f...

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  • Laser Projection Keyboard

    Laser Projection Keyboard

    You have probably encountered this once or twice in recent memory. You know, you are trying to send a message or take some note...

  • Crystal Engraved Pokeballs Charizard

    Crystal Engraved Pokeballs

    Gaze into the crystal ball to see an amazing sight. They are called glowing pokeballs for a reason. That’s because inside each ...

  • Laser Bike Lane

    Laser Bike Lane

    If you are a biker, you’ll appreciate this handy little gadget. We’re talking two-wheeled bicycle here. For your weekend explor...

  • Foldable Keyboard

    Foldable Keyboard

    A Bluetooth keyboard can be a godsend when you want to type on any kind of device on the go. It can effortlessly pair with your...

  • Nuclear Explosion Lamp

    Nuclear Explosion Lamp

    Nothing grabs the attention of the average person like an unexpected nuclear explosion can. And now you can decorate your home ...

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  • Playable Art Helicone

    Playable Art Helicone

    The playable art helicone is a playable desk art piece made from thirty-eight identical pieces of precision-cut wood. The cutti...