Gifts for College Students

Whether you have a college student in your family or happen to know one in your life, these gifts are perfect for dorm life. Some are practical, others are well, just for fun. What they all have in common is that they are suitable as gifts for college students!

  • Champagne Gun

    Champagne Gun

    You’ve seen it before and may have even experienced it. You know, the celebration can’t be considered official until someone ge...

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  • Disney Princess Bikinis

    Disney Princess Bikinis

    The last thing you want to do while on vacation or on that cruise ship is to be seen in the same swimwear as all the other girl...

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  • TubShroom Hair Catcher

    TubShroom Hair Catcher

    The problem with ordinary drain plugs is that they get… um, plugged. The drain will clog with hair and goop and all kinds...

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  • Chess for three players

    Three Player Chess

    Three player chess solves the eternal problem of the odd player in a classroom or at a party. The round board has lines that ma...

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  • Perfect Snowball Maker

    Perfect Snowball Maker

    Never lose another snowball fight to the bullies down the street because of the substandard condition of your snowballs. With t...

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  • Rubber Band Machine Gun

    Rubber Band Machine Gun

    If you tend to engage in rubber band warfare on a regular basis, you know the importance of good aim and powerful ammunition. W...

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  • Crochet Tank Slippers

    Crochet Tank Slippers

    Now this is for the person who has everything but footwear. It’s true, some people have all they need but they forget the pract...

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  • Thanos Coffee Mug

    Thanos Coffee Mug

    A person’s coffee mug can tell you a lot about the owner. There is something very interesting in the choice of cup that can hin...

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  • Infinity Gauntlet Lamp

    Infinity Gauntlet Lamp

    Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel as if you can take over the world and nothing will stand in your way? We get that f...

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