Gifts for Dad

There is no doubt that the first special guy in your life was your father. Now you have the option to tell him how much you care about him with gifts perfect for giving any time of the year. Put a smile on his face with our gifts for dad!

  • Playable Art Helicone

    Playable Art Helicone

    The playable art helicone is a playable desk art piece made from thirty-eight identical pieces of precision cut wood. The cutti...

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  • Santa Claus Toilet Cover

    Santa Claus Toilet Cover

    He knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you’re awake. Now with this Santa Claus Toilet Cover he’ll know when you’ve be...

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  • Thor's Hammer Toolbox

    Thor’s Hammer Toolbox

    Sometimes you need a little extra inspiration when you are about to embark on another one of those fun and incredible DIY proje...

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  • Beard Bouquet

    Beard Bouquet

    There’s nothing that says you can’t dress up the average beard with a little bit of colour. The Beard Bouquet actually takes th...

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  • Realistic Flame Bulb LED

    Realistic Flame Bulb LED

    You could just flick your light switch to turn on an ordinary light bulb. In fact, you probably do all the time. But you could ...

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  • Willy Exerciser

    Willy Exerciser

    So, how exactly do you exercise your willy? This question is only for the men. Think carefully before you answer as this is a p...

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  • The Dad Bag

    Dad’s Belly Bag

    What do you get the dad who has everything? How about a fanny pack? Sure, it’s functional as a handy way to carry things strapp...

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  • Self Sharpening Chainsaw

    Self Sharpening Chainsaw

    Believe it or not, the Oregon PowerSharp is a self-sharpening system for your chainsaw. You read that correctly. It is designed...

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  • Christmas Light-Up Beanie Hats

    Christmas Light-Up Hats

    Christmas light-up beanie hats are an attractive way to get into the holiday spirit. The soft, knit stocking caps will keep you...

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  • Boomf Bomb

    Boomf Bomb

    The Boomf Bomb is an exploding confetti card. Built using the general principles of origami combined with a little paper cuttin...

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  • Shower Foot Scrubber

    Shower Foot Scrubber

    We weren’t going to say this right away, but we may as well get it out there. This Shower Foot Scrubber is one of those product...

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