Gifts for Mom

Any day is a good day to give your Mom a special gift. Don’t wait for a reason or a special occasion as we have just the thing to make her feel loved and appreciated. You’ll discover many different suggestions in our specially selected gifts for mom!

  • Ice Genie

    Ice Genie: The Ice Cube Maker

    How do you freeze up to 120 ice cubes and keep them frozen for when you need without using a deep freeze? That’s easy! You can ...

  • Magic Wand Remote Control

    Magic Wand Remote Control

    There are times when you really do want to have complete control of the remote control. For a change, this Magic Wand Remote Co...

  • Loch Ness Monster Spoon

    Loch Ness Monster Spoon

    You know, we never really thought that Cousin Paddy was all there. It’s not that he isn’t in the proper state of mind, it’s jus...

  • Automatic Pan Stirrer

    Automatic Pan Stirrer

    Looking to save some time while working in the kitchen? If so, look no further than the Unique Automatic Pan Stirrer from Uuten...

  • Cyber Clean

    Cyber Clean

    Cyber Clean is one of those products that make you scratch your head and wonder two or three things. One, how on Earth does thi...

  • Rainy Pot

    Rainy Pot

    Keeping flowers alive and healthy takes a lot of work. For those of us who are busy, lead active lives and are otherwise distra...

  • 60 Second Salad Maker

    60 Second Salad Maker

    The design of the 60 Second Salad Maker is simple, yet practical. You can wash your vegetables and fruit together in the bowl a...

  • Glass Cup Brush Cleaner

    Glass Cup Brush Cleaner

    If you happen to have a hard time cleaning glass cups, then you are not alone. Glass cups are notoriously known for accumulatin...

  • Trump Toilet Brush

    Trump Toilet Brush

    That last thing you need after your morning constitutional is a clogged or dirty toilet bowl. It’s not only nasty, but it just ...

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  • Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

    Runny Nose Soap Dispenser

    When is a runny nose soap dispenser the best soap dispenser? When it happens to be the only one in your shower. This is most ce...

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  • Self-Stirring Camera Lens Mug

    Self-Stirring Camera Lens Mug

    When you see this you are going to flip. Or least you are going to try to spin your head around the concept. It is a Self-Stirr...