Halloween Gifts

Boo! If the thought of Halloween scares you even just a little bit, then you are in the exact right place we want you to be. If your Halloween includes more treats than tricks, you’ll want to check out the goodies we have in store for you. Scare yourself up a great deal or two just by checking out our creepy stuff! ?

  • Skull Shaped Charcoal

    Skull Shaped Charcoal

    Get ready to be spooked. This skull shaped charcoal sets an eerie mood for any campfire. Using a mix of high-quality charcoal and wood, these...

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  • Halloween Headbands For Pets

    Halloween Headbands for Pets

    It’s spooky and that’s perfectly alright considering they are intended for Halloween. We’re talking about these really interesting and realistic looking pet headbands. To see...

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  • LED Stickman Costumes

    LED Stickman Costumes

    As if it wasn’t scary enough that these costumes are black, the LEDs that are built into them form the shape of a stickman. Not...

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  • Shark Bath Bomb

    Shark Bath Bomb

    Having trouble with your kids when it's bath time? Some children just find this activity to be dreadful and boring. Well, it's time to transform...

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  • Duckface Dog Muzzle

    Duckface Dog Muzzle

    When was the last time you wanted to transform your vicious dog into something well, far less scary? The Duckface Dog Muzzle will do exactly...

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  • Harry Potter Candle

    Harry Potter Candle

    You probably can’t get the visual out of your mind. If you are a Harry Potter fan you’ll most definitely recall the Great Hall at...

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  • Monster Book of Monsters

    Monster Book of Monsters

    The distinguished Harry Potter fan will recognize this in an instant. Officially known as the Harry Potter Monster Book Of Monsters, this creepy volume is...

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  • Spider Scare Box

    Spider Scare Box

    Imagine a tiny little box made of wood with a little knob on the top of it. When you pull at the knob with a...

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  • Spring-Loaded Glitter Bomb

    Spring-Loaded Glitter Bomb

    Everybody loves glitter! That is, provided it isn’t something that comes flying at you in all directions. Or, it ends up getting into your mouth,...

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  • Hairy Chest Bathing Suit

    Hairy Chest Bathing Suit

    The hairy chest bathing suit is one of those Internet sensations that make excellent gag gifts. This is a woman’s tank-style bathing suit. It has...

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