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If you spend more time in your bathroom or kitchen than anywhere else in your home, you are in luck. We totally get it and happen to have a bunch of stuff here that’ll keep you busy in both. We’re not suggesting you need a hobby, because clearly taking care of your house is just that. These items will make it easier!

  • Anti-Gravity Air Purifier

    Anti-Gravity Air Purifier

    If you’ve been looking for a stunning air purifier that uses negative ions with water drop backflow, then this is what you’re a...

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  • Rainy Pot

    Rainy Pot

    Keeping flowers alive and healthy takes a lot of work. For those of us who are busy, lead active lives and are otherwise distra...

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  • Unicorn Shower Head

    Unicorn Shower Head

    You’re going to want to spend a little more time in the shower once you get one of these in there. It’s a Unicorn Shower Head a...

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  • Santa Claus Toilet Cover

    Santa Claus Toilet Cover

    He knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you’re awake. Now with this Santa Claus Toilet Cover he’ll know when you’ve be...

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  • Aerating Wine Glass

    Aerating Wine Glass

    When was the last time you saw a wine glass with a mini fountain inside of it? Probably never. But that’s okay because this Aer...

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  • Door Lockdown Device

    Door Lockdown Device

    There has never been a door lockdown device quite like this one. It works for doors that swing out and will lock them in place ...

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  • Butter Spreader

    Butter Spreader

    What spreads butter five times faster than a knife? The answer is this unique Butter Spreader. It has a simple design that was ...

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  • Rekindle Candle

    Rekindle Candle

    Candles are always a nice touch. Whether you use them as light sources, or to set a mood, there is nothing quite like the look ...

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  • Doorballs Door Knocker

    Doorballs Door Knocker

    Now, this is a door knocker that will most certainly get noticed. There is no other way to describe it other than to call it a ...

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