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If you spend more time in your bathroom or kitchen than anywhere else in your home, you are in luck. We totally get it and happen to have a bunch of stuff here that’ll keep you busy in both. We’re not suggesting you need a hobby, because clearly taking care of your house is just that. These items will make it easier!

  • The Smart Planter

    The Smart Planter

    Are your plants always dying? Have you tried everything? Well, don’t give up just yet. Put your trust in this smart planter wit...

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  • Shoulder Strap Moving Harness

    Shoulder Strap Moving Harness

    Nobody likes carrying large items. But, in certain situations such as when you’re moving house, you will need to lift some heav...

  • Rolling Knee Pads

    Rolling Knee Pads

    There are many reasons why you may need to be in a kneeling position. Unfortunately, you can cause damage to your knees this wa...

  • Electric Gun Wine Opener

    Electric Gun Wine Opener

    Why open your wine the boring way, when you can open it with a wine gun. WineOvation has invented an excellent wine opener that...

  • U-Shaped Body Pillow

    U-Shaped Body Pillow

    This is a giant U-shaped body pillow designed to give you a high level of comfort while sleeping or relaxing on the bed. The be...

  • Snorlax Sofa Set

    Snorlax Sofa Set

    It’s a sofa that resembles the sleepy Pokemon known as Snorlax. Probably why Snorlax has become such a popular Pokemon icon is ...

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  • SwitchBot Curtain

    SwitchBot Curtain

    Opening and closing curtains can be a real pain. So much so that if you could get the job done by actually avoiding having to p...

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  • Giant Bean Bag

    Giant Bean Bag

    In need of some funky furniture for in front of the TV or to fill out the downstairs rec room? This Giant Bean Bag Chair will f...

  • Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp

    Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp

    For the true Star Wars fan in your family or circle of friends comes this stunning Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp. Actually, you d...

  • No Drip Honey Dispenser

    No Drip Honey Dispenser

    Nothing ruins breakfast quite like ending up with sticky fingers and utensils from a dripping honey container. With this No Dri...

  • Bosch's Corkscrew

    Bosch’s Corkscrew

    If you have ever thought that a cordless screwdriver used in a particular way would make a pretty slick cork remover from a bot...

  • Smart Cutting Board

    Smart Cutting Board

    You know what the problem is with traditional knife blocks and cutting boards? They tend to collect gouges and scrapes that can...

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