Kid Stuff

We can’t leave the children out. They need their own stuff and have we got a lot of fun and crazy things for them here. If your kid – or the neighbor’s kid – is driving you nuts, don’t get all stressed out about it. Give ‘em something from our collection of kid stuff to keep them occupied and out of your hair!

  • Giant Cockroach Pillow

    Giant Cockroach Pillow

    For the person who has everything and is not afraid of creepy crawlies, this oversized Cockroach Plush Pillow is the perfect gi...

  • Christmas Light-Up Beanie Hats

    Christmas Light-Up Hats

    Christmas light-up beanie hats are an attractive way to get into the holiday spirit. The soft, knit stocking caps will keep you...

  • Rick And Morty Lamps

    Rick and Morty Night Lights

    Don’t stumble around in the dark anymore unless you happen to enjoy skinning your knees and bumping into things you can’t see. ...

  • Giant Bean Bag

    Giant Bean Bag

    In need of some funky furniture for in front of the TV or to fill out the downstairs rec room? This Giant Bean Bag Chair will f...

  • Robotic Fish

    Robotic Swimming Fish

    Every kid wants a pet but not many are fully committed to the tedious task of caring for the helpless animals. That’s just anot...

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  • Bubble Butt Blower Toy

    Bubble Butt Blower Toy

    Who doesn’t like the sight of a man bent over with bubbles coming out of his butt? If this is one of those gags that makes you ...

  • Cool Gifts For Guys

    NERF Nuke

    Tired of always losing those playground battles just because you have the old, broken down, hand-me-down toy that has been pass...

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  • Crystal Engraved Pokeballs Charizard

    Crystal Engraved Pokeballs

    Gaze into the crystal ball to see an amazing sight. They are called glowing pokeballs for a reason. That’s because inside each ...

  • Super Mario Chess Board

    Super Mario Chess Board

    Blend the old and the new with a Super Mario chess board. The pieces are characters from the Super Mario Battle for the Mushroo...

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  • Color Changing Puzzle

    Color Changing Puzzle

    Puzzles have been around for quite some time, and they are enjoyed by many as a pastime or hobby. However, if regular puzzles b...

  • Crying Unicorn Candle

    Crying Unicorn Candle

    They’re mythical. They’re magical. And they’re crying wax all over the place. This Crying Unicorn Candle is one of those things...

  • Solar System Crystal Ball

    Solar System Crystal Ball

    What would you expect to see if you gazed into a Solar System Crystal Ball? Well, for starters, don’t bother looking for Pluto ...