Kid Stuff

We can’t leave the children out. They need their own stuff and have we got a lot of fun and crazy things for them here. If your kid – or the neighbor’s kid – is driving you nuts, don’t get all stressed out about it. Give ‘em something from our collection of kid stuff to keep them occupied and out of your hair!

  • Remote Control Cockroach

    Remote Control Cockroach

    It’s a mutant insect! Nope, it’s a remote control cockroach. Hey, even if your house has ‘em, why not embrace the little bugger...

  • Bananza Banana Slicer

    Bananza Banana Slicer

    We’ve all done it. You find yourself standing in the kitchen with a banana in one hand and a sharp object in the other. The one...

  • Animal Paw Socks

    Animal Paw Socks

    If you ended up getting another ugly sweater for Christmas, we apologize. Once your family gets a look at these realistic Anima...

  • Legend of Zelda Mug

    Legend of Zelda Mug

    Even if you’re not a fan, the Legend of Zelda Link Heat Changing Mug is just too adorable to pass up. It starts out with dark w...

  • Spider Scare Box

    Spider Scare Box

    Imagine a tiny little box made of wood with a little knob on the top of it. When you pull at the knob with a finger, you are ab...

  • Rick And Morty Lamps

    Rick and Morty Night Lights

    Don’t stumble around in the dark anymore unless you happen to enjoy skinning your knees and bumping into things you can’t see. ...

  • Infinity Gauntlet Lamp

    Infinity Gauntlet Lamp

    Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel as if you can take over the world and nothing will stand in your way? We get that f...

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  • Star Wars Yoda Bookend

    Star Wars Yoda Bookend

    Consider yourself as a true Star Wars fan? If you are someone who loves everything that is associated with this epic space-oper...

  • Magnetic Balls

    Magnetic Balls

    Magnets are pretty cool even when you aren’t using them for something useful or scientific. These magnetic balls make amazing b...

  • Revolver Pen Holder

    Revolver Pen Holder

    Take your best shot with this stunning Revolver Pen Holder. It is shaped to look like the gun cylinder of a revolver and is lar...

  • Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon

    Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon

    Don’t you just hate it when you reach for a jar of peanut butter or your favorite spread only to discover that it is almost emp...