Kid Stuff

We can’t leave the children out. They need their own stuff and have we got a lot of fun and crazy things for them here. If your kid – or the neighbor’s kid – is driving you nuts, don’t get all stressed out about it. Give ‘em something from our collection of kid stuff to keep them occupied and out of your hair!

  • Fish shaped sandals

    Fish Shaped Sandals

    What comes to mind when someone says they are in serious need of a pair of fish shaped sandals? Take your time, as we know you’...

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  • Balloon Pin House

    Balloon Pin House

    Maybe this has happened to you. You suddenly decide for no particular reason that you need a pin to either pin up a poster or t...

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  • Golden Snitch Backpack

    Golden Snitch Backpack

    If you are a Harry Potter fan, you’ll completely relate to the way in which the Golden Snitch Backpack fits into a game of Quid...

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  • Levitating Moon Lamp

    Levitating Moon Lamp

    Have you ever heard of the Man in the Moon? We often wondered what the purpose of the space race was back in the 1950s and 60s ...

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  • Robotic Fish

    Robotic Swimming Fish

    Every kid wants a pet but not many are fully committed to the tedious task of caring for the helpless animals. That’s just anot...

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  • Crochet Tank Slippers

    Crochet Tank Slippers

    Now this is for the person who has everything but footwear. It’s true, some people have all they need but they forget the pract...

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