Champagne Gun

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Champagne Gun

You’ve seen it before and may have even experienced it. You know, the celebration can’t be considered official until someone gets sprayed with champagne from a freshly cracked open bottle. It’s a time-honored tradition for the rich, the not so rich and even to mark several different types of celebrations. Just finished paying off your mortgage? Now you can afford a bottle of the good stuff that you can waste spraying all over loved ones and some strangers.

Champagne Machine Gun

The Champagne gun works to make this gesture a lot smoother and easier to handle. Essentially you fit the champagne machine gun over the bottle you plan to use to douse everyone with. When the time comes, instead of trying to keep a firm grip on a wet and slippery bottle of bubbly, you now have a device that helps you in many different ways. Not only will you be able to hold the spewing bottle of champagne securely, your aim is going to be greatly improved.

The Champagne Gun

You can also use this product as a gag gift. Think about the dorm parties you’ve attended where the champagne gun would have come in handy. This works with all kinds of large bottle fizzy beverages so why not do some experimenting in the name of science tonight? The champagne machine gun puts a whole new perspective on popping a cork or toasting everyone with a nice wet one. After all, we like to promote safety first when alcohol is involved in any activity!

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