Cheese Curler

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Cheese Curler

This is exactly what every kitchen need! Say hello to the Boska Holland cheese curler. It comes complete with a round beech wood board, steel pin, and curling knife. The curler is designed to peel off a very thin curl of cheese, that will intensify its taste and create a nice cheese board. You can also use this to curl chocolate and pretty much anything else you can stab and sit on the round cutting board.

Cheese Curler

The whole idea behind this tool is to give you a way to decorate those special meals you may decide to serve to whoever wandering into your home in the first place. And really, what else would you use a cheese curler for anyway? It’s one of those things you may use once in a while, but thankfully you have it in case you get a curled cheese craving.

Innovative Cheese Curler

Aside from the practical use of such a stunning looking addition to your kitchen, it is heavy enough to inflict pain on anyone who ends up on the wrong side of the beechwood cutting board. We’re speculating about the possibility of throwing it across the room or directly as someone to signal you’ve had enough of their time. If you get pestered a lot by door-to-door salesmen, this could be the deterrent you’ve been looking for. Oh, and just in case, it does a mighty fine job of curling cheese and chocolate for those times you actually do decide to entertain guests rather than chase them away.

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