Chicken Leg Socks

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Chicken Leg Socks

Rewrite the definition of “fashion freedom” when you don these eye-catching, knee-high and amazingly comfortable Chicken Leg Socks. Designed to be as light as a feather, these one-of-a-kind flag socks are made from eighty percent cotton to maximize softness and have just enough spandex in them to make fit any size leg. Yes, even your tiny chicken legs!

Novelty Chicken Socks

Whether you just want to show off your love for a particular animal or theme or want to show off your unique fashion sense, people who choose to wear crazy socks are actually proud about their individualistic tendencies. Despite the fact that we like to conform to society’s standards, typically because we don’t want judgment, crazy socks tend to be a way to defy this.

Chicken Socks

These novelty pieces of wardrobe come in multiple artwork designs and are suitable for anyone wanting to become the flavor of the party, express their individuality, or deliver a spirited gift that is sure to garnish a laugh.
Not only are great for women of all ages, but they’re adorably matched with loafers, sneakers, and boots! Plus, similar to real chicken legs, these socks have blister control, smooth seams, are breathable, flexible and have both moisture and odor control built right in!

Funny Chicken Leg Socks

When you don a pair of socks, your perception about yourself changes. Not only will they instill you with a sense of confidence, but they’ll help you tackle even the hardest of days because you’ll feel more positive with them on. Ever had a lucky pair of socks? It’s similar to that type of mindset.

Crazy Chicken Legs Socks

Adequate for every occasion, these Chicken Leg Socks will make your legs look lean and since they come in both mid-calf or knee-high options, they are perfect for lounging around, walking and casual or formal events. They can turn almost any outfit from “Hey, you look nice today,” into “Cocka doodle-dude that’s an awesome outfit!”

Weird Chicken Legs Socks

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