Christmas Light-Up Hats

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Christmas Light-Up Beanie Hats

Christmas light-up beanie hats are an attractive way to get into the holiday spirit. The soft, knit stocking caps will keep your head and ears snug and warm while the bright lights show your willingness to celebrate the season. The lights are operated through a rechargeable battery that’s concealed in the hat. Just plug a USB charging cable into the hat and into a charger for a quick refill for your battery.

LED Holiday Hats

The knit hats can be obtained as simple black beanies, black beanies with snowflakes, and as a spectacular holiday hat with pompom and matching band. These can be washed by just removing the electrical battery unit, but it might be best to carefully hand wash and dry on a sweater drip mat. This will avoid breaking the delicate wires that attach the battery to the light string.

Holiday LED Knit Hat Beanie

The lights are a four-foot string of LED lights that will not overheat even after hours of use. The unit should be good for up to 500 charges, each charge lasting around six hours. The rechargeable Li-Ion batteries take one to two hours to fully charge, but have a sixty-day standby for each charge, making it easy to get them ready before you need them. The Christmas Light-Up Hats has two modes of operation: steady lights or variable pattern flashing lights.

LED Christmas Hats

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