Christmas Lights Charging Cable

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Christmas Lights Charging Cable

There is one sure way to be the brightest member of your family Christmas celebration. That’s by being the person who happens to keep everyone’s handheld device fully charged. You can be that person with this Christmas Lights Charging Cable. It will charge any handheld device including iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Even without a device attached for charging, as long as this cable has a power source, it will light up. The Christmas Lights Phone Charging Cable has a total of 10 multi-color lights that glow and bring you a little bit of the holiday cheer with them wherever you plug it in. As long as it has a USB power source, you’ll see that this cable is ready to start doing it’s charging routine. Finally, you can easily grab everyone’s attention on the upcoming holiday season.


It is most definitely a unique gift idea for the Apple user on your gift-giving list this or any year. The cable has two male connection ends (USB/Lightning) and is effective as a charging unit for Apple devices that use Lightning technology. The cable is a total of 46-inches in length and doubles as a rather high-tech looking string of Christmas lights that glow. Each of the ten bulbs is of a different color and adds a festive touch to your charging downtime. We all know someone who is usually on battery saver mode so why not give them something that will keep them fully charged and included with the rest of us? This unique charging cable can do that!

Christmas Lights Phone Charging Cable

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