Classic Art Cat Scratcher

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Cat owners will love this. Art owners may not, but if you are an art fan who happens to have a kitty, this may still be right up your alley. It’s known as a Copycat Art Scratcher and to the untrained eye, it appears to be a stunning piece of modern art. The portrait of a young girl is remarkable and a welcome piece to add to any home décor. But what the painting does not immediately reveal is what it is actually meant to be used for. Sure, portrait art should be hung on the wall to be enjoyed by one and all. However, the one member of your family who will get the most enjoyment out of the Classic Art Cat Scratcher is your feline friend.

Classic Art Cat Scratcher

That’s because this beautiful artwork is in actual fact a scratching tool for your kitten. As hard as it may be to believe, this work of art is actually a feline scratching post. The portrait is specially made to withstand the scratching and kneading action that your kitty craves and needs in an effort to clean and sharpen their claws.

copycat art scratcher

Instead of a scratching post covered in cheap carpet, give your cat something elegant and expensive-looking. This Classic Art Cat Scratcher measures 78-centimeters by 68-centimeters and can be stabilized on the floor to give your fur baby easy access. Yes, you can hang it on the way but why would you? Unless you want your kitten climbing the walls instead of you!