Contour Gauge

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Contour Gauge

This is an equally useful tool for a professional as well as a do-it-yourselfer. It will make some of the most tedious tasks so much easier and will keep details intact. It is a contour gauge that essentially allows you to run outlines of configurations you are working around on floors or other flat surfaces. When you need to cut out a spot for a utility or to get around a specific shape or corner, this tool will make that happen. It will shave time off of any of these kinds of jobs.

Profile Copy Tool

This profile copy tool gives you the ability to transfer corners and contours easily and accurately. If you are laying tile or laminate around heating pipes or other obstacles, this will get you the exact contour you need to trim or cut to fit. No more guessing or cutting more than you need so that you can go back and fill. This handy gadget will make your work look better than it ever has in the past.

Shape Transfer Tool

Made with a sturdy and durable plastic, this tool is shaped to work in any setting with ease. The shaping tool will measure contours with a maximum width of 130 millimeters and a maximum depth of 30 millimeters. It isn’t the only tool out there that you can use to make these cuts and shapes work best for your projects, but it is most certainly one of the most inventive. Don’t rely on freehand work anymore. Use this contour gauge and you’ll never come up short again!

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