Creepy Hand Candle

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Creepy Hand Candle

You’ll never be forgotten at your next Halloween Party. That is if you ever get invited to another one after you set up this Creepy Hand Candle. It looks real, is life-size and once you light the wicks that extend out from each of the five fingers you are in for a pretty freaky time.

Bleeding hand candle

Once the flames get to the candle fingers, the fun truly begins – this if you view burning fingers as any kind of fun. Just watch these digits as they slowly burn away… You may not be able to take your eyes off of them once the secret is revealed.

Creepy Hand Candle

As the waxy fingers keep burning and melting, they reveal a red color underneath the skin tone outer cover of wax and creates the visual of a bloody hand. We’re not making this up and probably couldn’t if we tried. But that isn’t all that happens. In fact, this bleeding hand candle will continue to burn and once the wax is completely removed, you end up with a skeleton hand. It’s a lot like Grade 8 Science minus the failing marks and the excess bullying. Aside from that, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of these ghoulish hands.

Skeleton hand in fire

The Creepy Hand Candle could be one of the biggest pranks you will pull this Halloween. It may also mark you for life but you’ll get through it. Everyone does. Just don’t expect too many party invitations after that because you won’t be the life of the party… you’ll be killin’ it!