Crescent Roll Lamp

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Crescent Roll Lamp sitting on paper

Have you ever met someone who loved bread so much, they can’t live without it? The crescent roll lamp is for them. Calling all bread lovers everywhere! This croissant night light provides a soft, soothing glow to help you fall asleep. The lamps come in different versions, including a crescent lamp, dinner roll lamp, and loaf of bread lamp. They’re so real-looking and lifelike, you might just want to take a bite.

Crescent Roll and Bread Lamps Night Lights

The crescent roll night light is powered by AAA batteries and made from premium baby-safe materials (non-toxic, BPA free). They vary in size and have an on & off button right on the bottom of the lamp. The soft glow helps kids (and adults, too) drift off into a deep sleep while dreaming of carbs and buttery biscuits.

Loaf of Bread Night Light

It’s great because the lamps are fully cordless, which helps limit messy cords in your bedroom. The lamps make a great gift for bakers, pastry chefs, or just anyone who loves bread. Looking for a unique addition to a kids or baby room? These lifelike bread lamps look just like real bread and act like a soothing night light with a calming glow. Just don’t get hungry in the middle of the night and accidentally mistake the lamp for a snack!

Three Bread Night Lights Glowing

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