Crochet Tank Slippers

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Crochet Tank Slippers

Now this is for the person who has everything but footwear. It’s true, some people have all they need but they forget the practical things like food, shelter and slippers. It happens more often than you may know. However, nothing feels better than a soft, comfy pair of warm slippers on a cold winter night. But where can you get a good old-fashioned style of crocheted slippers these days? Sure, you may find these at a craft fair but one thing is for sure, these Crochet Tank Slippers will not be at any craft fair that we have heard of, that’s for certain. It’s not because they are not a fitting item to sell at one, it’s because these are so unique you can only get them at select locations. This happens to be one of them. For interesting looking tank slippers, that is.

Panzer Tank Slippers

That is exactly what these are. They are Army Tank Crochet Slippers and they are as interesting as they are warm and fun for your feet. You can either purchase the patterns so you can crochet them yourself or you can find someone who’ll do that for you. Or you can just sidestep all of that and just order them ready made.

Army Tank Crochet Slippers

If you have a history that includes a bit o’ time in the army, these slippers are a great way to celebrate those memories. They also make great gifts for anyone you know who was in the service or is a tank enthusiast. You can ‘tank’ them a lot for these!

Tank slippers

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