Crystal Engraved Pokeballs

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Crystal Engraved Pokeballs Charizard

Gaze into the crystal ball to see an amazing sight. They are called glowing pokeballs for a reason. That’s because inside each of these stunning Crystal Engraved Pokeballs is a laser etched miniature Pokemon character. Each of the collectible monsters is precision-etched and looks as real as they do in actual animation. The main difference here is that in order for these to come alive you have to flick the LED light on. After that, you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Crystal Engraved Pokeballs Eevee

These Crystal Engraved Pokeballs make great gifts for that person on your list who is Pokemon crazy. Each of these crystal balls glows a different color and features the likeness of a different well-known Pokemon. You’ll recognize them as soon as you see them. The LED light is bright enough to make these glowing crystal balls a great night light in the nursery or in the hallway to help you find your way back to bed or to the kitchen for a late night snack.

Crystal Engraved Pokeballs Charmander

What makes them even more interesting and exciting is that they will inspire your child’s imagination. Imagine staring into the LED glow of a laser etched Pokemon and making a wish or seeking a fortune to be told. There are so many ways you will be able to enjoy these stunning globes of light and etched Pokemons for years to come. All you have to do is select your set and plug ‘em in as soon as you catch ’em all!

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