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Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean is one of those products that make you scratch your head and wonder two or three things. One, how on Earth does this wacky slime product actually work? Two, does this unusually strange-looking goop really do what they say it will do? And three, why didn’t I think of this? That’s sort of the train of thoughts we had. Once we got over the initial shock of what this looked like and how it is used, we started moaning about not making these ourselves.

Keyboard Cleaning Slime

But, what exactly is this tacky item? It’s quite simply one of the most amazing multi-purpose cleaning products you will ever find. Plus, it’s something that does not really look anything like a cleaning product, but it does much more than you can imagine. Yes, you can use it as a keyboard cleaning putty, simply because it can form around keys on your computer keyboard and reach dirt and grime you can’t get to in any other way without blowing it out.

Keyboard Cleaner

But Cyber Clean can also be used in dresser drawers, cupboards, air vents, doorknobs, window sills, telephones, remote controls, game consoles, fans, entertainment components and just to throw at the wall to see if it sticks. Okay, we made the last one up, but you get the idea. This slimy looking stuff actually can be used in so many ways that you probably should have one in your kitchen, another in your vehicle and a couple more just to be on the safe side.

Dust Cleaning Slime

And speaking of being on the safe side, take one of these with you when you travel and you can use it to wipe down surfaces in your hotel room. What makes Cyber Clean even more attractive is that it leaves behind a fresh lemon-lime scent which tells you whatever it has come in contact with is now clean and fresh.

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