Death Star Floating Speaker

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Death Star Floating Speaker

The Death Star floating speaker is the perfect gift for the Star Wars fans on your holiday list, or maybe even the perfect gimmick for yourself. It’s an excellent replica of the dread space-going nemesis, but instead of sending out planet-killing death rays, it plays music. Like any high-end Wi-Fi speaker, it can connect to your cell phone to play your favorite music.

Levitating Death Star Speaker

The levitating Death Star speaker uses five watts and projects music for 360 degrees around it. It will continue playing for five hours on just one battery charge. Its operating distance is 33 feet. This fun item, which is made by Plox, weighs 3 pounds and uses one rechargeable Lithium polymer battery. The “levitation” is done by using the pull and repulse action of magnets. Once the Death Star is centered above its base, you can spin it to give it the illusion that it’s orbiting around something.

Star Wars Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The Death Star Floating Speaker is not exceptionally strong but is at least as good as any the speaker on a tablet or monitor. It’s certainly a conversation piece that will amaze your Star Wars fan friends of all ages. Hopefully, none of the viewers in your family will mistake it for a lightsaber practice ball. It would provide a rather static target as it only works when placed above its dedicated magnetic platform.

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