Drain Blaster Cleaner

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Drain Blaster Cleaner

Nobody wants to deal with a clogged drain. It doesn’t matter what drain it is, either. A clogged one is one that stops working and that is far more than just annoying. However, this drain blaster cleaner can make pretty fast work out of blasting through a clog. It’s actually so good at it that the word ‘blaster’ is in its name. It doesn’t use a snake and it doesn’t use water. The drain clog blasting action comes from a jet of compressed air that this product carries inside.

Drain Blaster Gun

It’s that easy! The best thing about using compressed air to blow out a clogged drain is that there are no harsh chemicals involved. There are less mess and a quick solution to your problem. The drain blaster gun essentially kills the clog. It can be a paper or food clog. It doesn’t matter as this tool will blast ‘em right out of your drain. This not just saves you time, it saves you on the cost of having a plumber go to your home and do much the same thing for more money.

BAAM! Drain Blaster Cleaner

This drain cleaning tool is not only good for the environment, it comes with a complete set of attachments so you can use it on any of the drains in your home. The power that gets blown through your drain with this compressed air tool is unmatched by any other plumbing gadget. Use it once and you’ll be amazed. This is one item that you have to keep stored with all your other emergency tools. Only now you’ll have clogs that won’t last longer than just seconds!

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