Duckface Dog Muzzle

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Duckface Dog Muzzle

When was the last time you wanted to transform your vicious dog into something well, far less scary? The Duckface Dog Muzzle will do exactly that for you. Essentially, you have a soft silicone item shaped to look like the bill of your average cartoon duck. However, once you strap it onto your pooch – it sits on their snout – you have an instant dog muzzle.

Duck Bill Muzzle

The funny duck bill muzzle is going to get your dog laughed at, that’s for sure. However, it will also serve a greater purpose. If your dog happens to be a biter or won’t stop barking, this specially-designed product will help resolve that. As goofy as it may look, it is also a great training tool. In fact, when you strap one of these onto your four-legged companion, you are helping them to learn how to behave properly.

Duckbill Shaped Dog Muzzle

This hilarious Duckface Dog Muzzle is available in many different sizes and colors. Even if your dog does not require one for corrective measures, you can still dress him or her up for a nice walk around the neighborhood. It’ll make people look twice as your dog is going to look as if it has a duck bill instead of a dog snout. It’s a great gag gift that actually aids in training. You can also use it on Halloween or costume parties where you get to take your dog with you!

Quack Face Dog Muzzle

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