Electronic Fly Trap

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Electronic Fly Trap

House flies are truly an annoying part of life during a warm, sunny day. They seem to find their way indoors in ways we cannot imagine. Getting rid of them is a major chore. Well, that was until this Electronic Fly Trap came along. It has a unique design that not only attracts flies – once you’ve baited it – but it will trap them in a chamber below where there is no escape. House flies are caught and will never be a problem for you ever again with this handy gadget.

Revolving Electronic Housefly Trap

The way this revolving Electronic Housefly Trap works is rather simple. The fully charged fly trap rotates in such a manner that flies that are on the top surface with be forced down into a cavity which has only one way out and that is after they have died. The chamber that houses the dead flies is easy to remove so you can empty it and also clean it for the next use. You can sit this trap on a tabletop, counter or anywhere houseflies tend to hang around and annoy you.

Electronic Fly Trap

This fly trap has a whisper quiet operation and is rechargeable with a USB connection. Tired of getting buzzed at the kitchen table by annoying house flies? With one of these nearby, those flies will only be a problem for a short period of time. Made from a durable plastic material, and attractively designed to sit wherever you need it, take control of your person airspace with this amazing, lightweight but effective electronic fly trap that will take care of the buzz around you!

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