Exploding IKEA Lamp

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Ikea Pendant lamp

This exploding IKEA lamp is designed to look just like an ordinary ceiling pendant lamp with a unique cut out shade. But, once the room is dark and you turn it on, the true design shows through and you will see in an instant why we also call this an exploding lamp. Spoiler: there are no actual explosions involved at all.

Ikea PS 2014 Pendant Lamp

What really explodes is light. That is projected through the interesting cut out shade and forms multiple shapes and designs on the walls and ceiling. You remember what as disco ball is, right? Well, this is based on the very same principle, but instead of shining multi-colored squares all over the place, the exploding IKEA lamp goes one or two steps beyond that. It causes light to explode through the entire room creating a cool effect.

Exploding Lamp

The lamp blade is made from durable ABS plastic and the arm contains reinforced polyamide. The ceiling cup/ball is made of polypropylene as is the string that the lamp hangs from, while the bracket that holds it in place is made from polyamide. In other words, expect this funky indoor lamp to last a little longer than you may expect it to. One hint from our test crew: use a clear light bulb for maximum light exploding fun and brighter results when you use it.

Death Star Lamp

Not only does this groovy cut out patterned lampshade and lamp dance across the room, it is also rather easy to care for. All you basically have to do is give it a dusting on occasion and that’s about it. The neat cut out design makes this an interesting conversation piece during the day as well. Unless you’ve seen it in operation before, you will be amazed at the moment when the secret weapon that this expanding IKEA lamp contains is revealed when the lights go down.

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