Flamethrower Drone

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Flamethrower Drone

Are you looking for a reliable and suitable flamethrower drone? If so, consider the TF-19 WASP. This flamethrower drone features remote ignition for both ground and air targets, providing a new level of efficiency. It is designed to withstand all types of conditions ranging from blazing hot to extreme cold.

TF-19 WASP Flamethrower Drone Attachment

The TF-19 can fire up to 25 feet while delivering continuous ignition over a hundred seconds with its 1-gallon fuel. With its sophisticated features, it provides exceeding expectation to professionals. Made with lightweight carbon fiber providing maximum flight performance, you can quickly refuel it without tools for CG adjustments. The TF-19 WASP features rail slider system and FPV camera, allowing users to navigate across unsuitable environments. Further, it has a reliable plasma ignition system delivering accurate fire streams.


But the question arises – why would you need such a thing? Why would you genuinely need such a thing? The TF-19 WASP Flamethrower Drone with its unusual attachment can take on any mission, like eliminating pests, clearing waste from power lines, and igniting vegetation and so forth. Watch it in action via the video below.