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Flippin Fantastic Pancake

Everybody loves pancakes for breakfast. But, what about 7 pancakes for breakfast? The “As Seen on TV” Flippin Fantastic Pancake Flipper lets you make multiple, perfectly shaped pancakes at once. They’re super easy to make and bound to delight your family as they wait around the kitchen table for their pancake stacks. The silicone pancake flipper is easy to use and even easier to clean up in the kitchen sink.

Pancake Flipper 1

To use the silicone pancake flipper, just place the device in your pan and pour the pancake batter into each designated cooking circle. Wait patiently for the pancakes to cook. Once they’re ready, simply flip the pancake flipper and the pancakes will slide right out. It’s breakfast genius! The pancake flipper easily fits into any 10” size pan and up and it’s dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe up to 450 degrees.

Pancake Flipper 2

There’s now no need to keep your hungry family waiting while you make dozens of pancakes. It’s not just for pancakes, either. You can even use it for eggs, hashbrowns, or omelets. The Flippin Fantastic Pancake Flipper makes Saturday morning breakfast 100X easier by letting you make up to seven pancakes at once. When you’re finished, just quickly rinse it off and place it in the dishwasher for clean-up. Syrup and blueberry toppings not included.

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