Flying Butterfly Card

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Flying Butterfly Card

Cards are fun. We’re talking about greeting cards here. You can find one suitable for virtually every possible reason known to Mankind. These are not just for celebrations, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or other special occasions. You can give one to someone just to let them know you are thinking of them. But what if you want to give a card that has a little-hidden extra that’ll pop out as soon as it is opened? We’re talking about a prank card but not the kind of gimmick you are thinking of. Yes, there are some rather off-color funny cards out there and while they do serve a purpose, those are not the type we are discussing here.

Flying Butterfly Card Surprise

This magic Flying Butterfly Card contains a wind-up surprise that will fly up to 20-feet once released. All you do is wind it up, write your message, stick the flying part inside and then give it to your intended victim… um, recipient. It actually looks like the average oversized card that you can get at a drugstore or stationary shop. So, it won’t tip anyone off that this happens to be something different than that. Well, at least you know it’s not quite like an ordinary one but in fact, this is quite an extraordinary gift item.

Butterfly Card

When the person you give it to opens the Flying Butterfly Card, the fun is ignited. Who wouldn’t be amazed at having a giant butterfly pop out of a greeting card? Now’s your chance to do that!

Flying Butterfly Card

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